Juicing up for the day ahead

ECONOMICS doesn’t play as big a part in breakfast buying decisions as it might for meals at other times of the day, suggests James Logan, commercial director at Refresco Gerber.

He reckons the breakfast choices reflect routine, but routines that vary between weekend and weekdays.

Del Monte Orange

“More consumers are opting to eat breakfast on-the-go because it fits with their lifestyle in spite of the added expense involved,“ he said. On-the-go single serve is the only area of the juice and juice drinks market showing growth and is up by 1.4% in value year on year.

For breakfast, a portion of Del Monte fruit juice provides one of the five-a-day at start of the day and 500ml Just Juice and Sunny D are popular drinks with on-the go breakfasters.

Refresco has found that people are prepared to pay more for branded drinks to consume on the go but buying for home consumption, when shared meals can mean catering for various tastes, is more value-focused. Of its range Del Monte juices, Just Juice and Sunny D in 1-litre and 500ml sizes sell well in c-stores, Logan said.

“Sunny D 500ml is one of the most popular juice drinks on the market and is especially popular with young adults.

“Retailers should ensure they have products including smoothies and pure juices that appeal to the on-the-go breakfast shopper.”