Vivid invests in campaign for christmas

Vivid Vapours has announced a £4m investment in a TV, outdoor and digital advertising campaign to drive awareness of the brand’s new vaping technology.

xVivid invests

The multi-media advertising approach runs for the whole of December and comprises TV, digital and outdoor to reach an estimated 38,000,000 target consumers throughout the UK. The advertising focuses on the impact of technology on people’s lives and promotes the hashtag #NEVERLOOKBACK.

This follows the brand’s £3 million line extension of the Vivid E-liquid Capsule Vaping product in July.

30’ and 40’ advertisements will run on a number of channels across ITV1, ITV2, Channel 4, Channel 5, E4, as well as several Sky platforms including Sky Entertainment, Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Living. Additional highlight spots will feature during Coronation Street and Christmas Specials.

The TV advertisements will be complemented by 1,692 outdoor touch points involving billboards and bus sites which have been secured in in key high impact locations throughout the UK. A £500,000 spend on digital advertising and page takeovers will drive the message home on-line with an estimated 140m impressions.

Nicocigs managing director Nikhil Nathwani said: “We are committed to the growth of the brand by consistently investing in the Vivid technology and marketing.

“The launch of this high profile, heavy-weight nationwide four week campaign will give a significant boost to the brand’s awareness among our target market of 25-39 year old vapers and current smokers.

“We are confident that this record-breaking spend will drive Vivid sales in December and into 2016 and we urge the trade to stock up to meet demand.”