Take a bigger bite of the market

The total biscuits market is valued at £2.32bn in the UK, making it one of the largest and one of the most significant snacking categories – the same size as the crisps market, and larger than that of carbonated drinks, according to Nielsen figures quoted by Mondelez International.

Oreo and Belvita, top picks for on-the-go snacking, says Mondelez International

The company says the growth of on-the-go snacking must be considered to make the most out of a must-stock category.
“Consumer insights show that 70% of adults snack while on the go, and it is therefore crucial that retailers make the most of this opportunity,” said Susan Nash, trade communications manager at Mondelez International.
“By stocking on-the-go formats and positioning a range of relevant products near the front of store, retailers can facilitate that impulsive snacking purchase that is key to driving revenue.
“For example, Belvita Breakfast are available in single 50g portion packs in three variants: Strawberry Duo Crunch, Honey and Nut and new Crunchy Hazelnut. These smaller packs are ideal for breakfast on the move, providing a more enticing offer for small store shoppers, and a good solution for retailers with limited space.
“Similarly, Oreo, the world’s best-selling biscuit, is now worth £34m in the UK and has grown 39% over the last two years. Alongside the 154g roll pack which is great for family sharing, Oreo is a top choice at lunchtime. The handy pack fits snugly in all types of lunchboxes, while Mini Oreo is also available as a multipack.”
• Growth in the snacking market has also been good for sales of Border Biscuits, according to brand and marketing manager Lesley Ann Gray.
“Our Mini Packs meet this need perfectly, as each pack includes two biscuits from the range wrapped in stylish, convenient packaging, making them portable and ideal for all snacking occasions,” she said.
“This year we have invested in the range with a trade advertising campaign to ensure high visibility and awareness of the product, making it a must stock range for retailers.”