Indulging the health trend

Even when indulging at Christmas and New Year parties, a growing number of adults remain health-conscious about snacking, claims Phil Gowland, head of marketing at  fruit, nut and seed company Whitworths.

And the Whitworths Fusions range, launched in September this year, is designed to meet both demands.
Whitworths suggests busy lifestyles mean Britons are more likely than ever to snack on the go. Quoting October 2015 figures from Kantar, the firm says sales of snacking products are growing at 13% a year.
Gowland said: “Healthy snacking is having a huge impact on the sector as health and indulgence remain central trends.
“The most recent Kantar industry data found that the overall fruit, nut and seeds adult snacking market has grown by 7.3% as people look to make healthier snacking choices.
“Snacking is deeply ingrained among UK adults; recent Mintel research found that 98% of adults are snacking at home, work or a place of study and 70% of adults are snacking on the go.
“In terms of trends, healthy snacking has resulted in the growth of the category being driven by nuts and mixes, with a total rise of 7.3% value growth.”
The Fusions range is available in three varieties – Apple Cinnamon Jumble, Bountiful Coconutty and Berryfruit Madness –  and a limited edition Chilli Nutty Cocoa-Chaos.
Another addition to the Whitworths portfolio is its fruit, nut and seed mixes range Shots.
“Both ranges will deliver to consumers looking for a healthier snacking product who are not willing to compromise on taste, flavour or health credentials,” Gowland said.  “We’re responding to the demand for healthier snacking with ranges in a variety of sizes and formats.
“Ultimately our customers will repeat buy our products because they taste exquisite, the fact they’re a healthier choice is an added bonus.”