Chicken filling the gap

Pie manufacturer Holland’s reckons it has plugged a gap in the market with the introduction of its Savoury Creamy Chicken Puddings.

Hollands Chicken Pudding 2 Pack Carton Visual[1]
Frozen within hours of being made and microwavable from frozen in five minutes, the pies feature British chicken cooked in a creamy sauce and seasoned with pepper, parsley and thyme.
Holland’s claims the new line will add category sales  in frozen savoury puddings.
Sales and marketing director Bill Smith-Coats said: “Chicken is the number one flavour in the individual frozen pie category with 40% of sales and there is definitely a gap for a pudding equivalent.”
He said Holland’s frozen products sales are showing double-digit growth,  driven by launches of innovative new products that are made with  high-quality ingredients.