Create a buzz and think spirits


WITH the countdown for Christmas truly underway, convenience stores must decide which are the best drinks products to stock to make the most profits, says Simon Green marketing director at alcohol and soft drinks firm Global Brands.
Quoting HIM research he said: “This year, only 12% of consumers plan to buy Christmas food and drink in one big shop. As such, there is ample opportunity for convenience stores to capitalise on seasonal top-up customers.
“12% of people say that they look for last-minute gifts in convenience stores. Convenience stores are challenged by keeping their spirits in the blind spot of customers behind counters. Moving spirits to their own aisle to become more visible during the festive season should help to drive impulse sales.
“Many brands launch Christmas-themed POS to create a buzz for their products during the festive season. Smaller store owners can combine this with their own Christmas decorations to turn their alcohol section into a veritable Santa’s Grotto of enticing products. Hooch Lemon Brew is giving away POS packs, ‘Ho Ho Hooch’, which contain Hooch crackers, Hooch jokes, Hooch gifts and a branded Christmas tree strut card to keep behind the counter.”
Global Brands has a series of social media campaigns across its brands to link the brands to Christmas.
Those include the Hooch ‘Ho-Ho-Hooch’ campaign which, among other things, will challenge consumers to come up with the worst cracker jokes on social media channels.
Global Brands’ top marketing and merchandising tips for the festive season include:

• Make spirits as visible as possible

• Emphasise gift packs and premium offerings such as its own portfolio’s Thornton’s Chocolate Liqueur and Corky’s Glitter range – which includes Raspberry, Mango and new Blueberry Glitter

• Keep a diverse offering that makes the most of seasonal sub-categories

• Be diligent and attentive to your customers’ needs