Sales sugar and spice

The only subcategory within confectionery that is growing is sugar confectionery, now worth £242m having grown by 3% in the last year, says Chewits.
Looking ahead to Christmas, commercial manager Bev Seymour said: “Over four years we can see that the Christmas spike has been getting smaller and smaller each year however, 2014’s spike lasted longer with two consecutive weeks of strong sales.”

Kids sugar confectionery is growing and this year more brands and collections are being made available in festive selection packs and sharing tubs.
Kids sugar confectionery is growing and this year more brands and collections are being made available in festive selection packs and sharing tubs.

And she said more sugar confectionery is coming out, especially for Christmas.
Chewits selection boxes will be returning this year.
Seymour said: “Chewits Christmas Selection Box offers a strong point of difference as it its one of the few chewy sweet selection boxes available on the market during the festive season. The branded shelf-ready packaging is ideal for smaller retailers where shelf space is precious.”
Like many of the spokespersons of  companies in chocolate confectionery, she said retailers should stock lines to serve the various occasions and opportunities  for confectionery over different parts of the  festive period – single-serve  treats  and advent calendars before Christmas,  then selection boxes, tubs for presents, and tubes and sharing bags as stocking fillers.
• Swizzels says that Christmas 2014 was a key season for kids sugar confectionery with sales in excess of £74m with Swizzles the fastest-growing manufacturer with year-on-year value sales growth of 14%.
For this Christmas it has introduced the Sweet Treats tub containing a selection of sweets including Drumstick Lollies and Love Hearts.

Another variety pack, Sweet Extravaganza, filled with a variety of Swizzels brands, is available in a shelf-ready box or a free standing display unit. Marketing manager Sarah-Louise Heslop said: “Our range offers something for all Christmas gifting and family sharing occasions.”

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• Tangerine Confectionery, the owner of a wide range of retro confectionery brands, has released a new Sweet Champions Tin for the festive season.
The seasonal tin includes Dip Dab, Refresher Roll, Sherbet Fountain, Wham Assorted Minis, Milk Bottles, Black Jack Chews, Fruit Salad Chews, Kola Frosties, Refresher Ball Lolly, Fruit Salad Ball Lolly, Black Jack Ball Lolly, Dip Dab Ball Lolly and Dolly Mix.

The firm says its £1 seasonal products including Wham and Fruit Salad tubes, York Fruits gifting carton and gifting cartons of Liquorice Allsorts, Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Babies, Wine Gums and Fruit Jellies make ideal stocking fillers.
Senior brand manager Gillian Clarke said: “We’re confident that each SKU will offer the ideal opportunity for retailers to drive sales during what is the busiest time of the year for the confectionery sector, worth over £130m in 2014.”