Acting on impulse

PRODUCTS that are attractive impulse purchases provide many of the best opportunities for c-stores to achieve incremental sales. So the best such lines can be seen as must-stocks.
However while many traditional must-stocks can be given similar treatment in most stores, impulse purchase patterns are likely to vary from shop to shop.
Outlets close to workplaces are likely to do well with food to go for example. If your store serves a lot of school kids you might see trading cards as an important category.
“The confectionery category is currently worth £889m in the independents and symbols channel,” Mondelez International trade communications manager Susan Nash told Scottish Grocer.
“It is by far the most impulsive category available to convenience stores.
“With research showing that 70% of purchasing decisions are made in store , it is important to stock the right range and merchandise well.
“In order to help drive confectionery sales, availability and location of the main fixture is crucial. The primary confectionery display should be positioned in a high-traffic area of the store and feature all confectionery occasions including self-eat, sharing and gifting. In addition, best-sellers, new lines, and lines with media investment should be located in high-traffic secondary sites.”
Mondelez is also heavily involved in biscuits and its biscuits range includes a pioneer in an area that’s becoming an important impulse opportunity – convenience breakfasts.
“Worth £160.5m in independent and symbol stores, the biscuits category is a highly impulsive one, covering all key snacking occasions. This makes it relevant to consumers throughout the entire day – something that is crucial for the convenience trade,” said Nash.
“Retailers should capitalise on the versatility of biscuit category and use it to drive sales by responding to daily customer missions.
“Belvita Breakfast is available in single 50g portion packs in three variants: Belvita Strawberry Duo Crunch, Belvita Honey and Nut and new Belvita Crunchy Hazelnut. These smaller packs are ideal for breakfast on the move, providing a more enticing offer for small store shoppers, and a good solution for retailers with limited space.”


• Convenience breakfast has been targeted also by cereals giant Kellogg’s.
The firm says portable breakfast is a small but growing sector in the market, growing faster than any other cereal segment in the independent channel. It argues that it’s “always to a store’s advantage” if it embraces the trend for breakfast on-the-go products by stocking a core range of on-the-go cereals near shop fronts.
It now markets on-the-go cereal pots of Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Krave, Special K and Rice Krispies.

• Soft drinks firm Britvic sees soft drinks and snacks (including sharing sizes of both) as modern must-stocks thanks to the rise and rise of the popularity of the Big Night In.
Nigel Paine, GB commercial director for out of home at Britvic said: “Take advantage of the trend for at-home occasions by creating displays that include everything needed for a great night in – for example snacks, soft drinks and sweet treats.
“Research shows 67% of snacks and soft drinks are consumed together, but only 13% are sold together,” he said.