A dash of Spain for the barbie

The trend for drinking at home has extended beyond a glass of wine or a bottle of beer to encompass the cocktail, claims one of Britain’s main importers and marketers of specialist spirits.


Research by Cellar Trends suggests 73 % of people now drink cocktails at home.

And it says that’s especially true during the summer barbecue season.

Licor 43 brand manager at Cellar Trends Julia Bliss said: “Spirits which can be used to create easy-to-make serves in bulk sell well, as they offer consumer a cost-effective way to enjoy the sunshine.”

She said that, as Spain’s biggest-selling liqueur, Licor 43 is synonymous with sunshine drinks and continued: “Summer is a key sales period for the brand.

“Brits familiar with Licor 43 from trips to Spain have been delighted to find it in the UK for the first time over the past year.

“With sales steadily on the rise, it’s the perfect drink to serve in pitchers of cocktails at garden parties and barbecues.”