Water proves summer star

Give the clear stuff space to sell says Scottish soft drinks giant

Basic RGBSUMMER is a key sales period for water and last year it was the highest performing summer soft drinks category in Scotland – growing by 34% in the summer months compared to the same period the year before as measured by leading market research firm Nielsen – according to Adrian Troy, head of marketing at AG Barr, the brand owner of Strathmore.

And that powerful summer performance underpinned a strong full year performance.

Quoting Nielsen 12 months figures to 3 January this year Troy said: “Water is the fastest growing category in Scottish Soft Drinks at 7%, with the flavoured water sub-category growing at 6%.”

Troy said that retailers can capitalise on bottled water sales growth by ensuring that they give enough space to water on shelves and in chillers and offer consumers choice. 

He said: “Shoppers are looking for retailers to stock trusted, quality water brands such as Strathmore which is growing at 61%. 

“Awareness of Strathmore is at an all-time high thanks to its role as the official water of Glasgow 2014. 

“It was on the field of play in every venue and was seen by millions of consumers UK wide.”

He also argued that provenance is becoming increasingly important in the bottled water market. As well as looking for brands they trust, people want to know about the source of the water and Strathmore’s on-pack declaration of its Scottish identity provided clarity that appeals to consumers, he claimed.

“Pack format is an important consideration for consumers when choosing water,” he added.

“AG Barr recommends stocking a variety of formats to suit different occasions; from on-the-go packs for children and adults and sports cap packs for active consumers, to large take-home packs and premium glass formats.

“Strathmore offers a full range of glass, PET and flavoured water, giving consumers the widest possible choice.”