Stout uncle Jim joins the family

The McGarglesTHE McGargles family of bottled beers has grown to include a new uncle.
Having first brought the family to the UK in February, importer Morgenrot has added Uncle Jim’s Stout to Granny Mary’s Red Ale, Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale and Knock Knock Ned’s IPA.
Sales director Graham Archibald said: “The level of interest for these beers has been astounding since launch earlier this year, so adding the brewery’s stout was an incredibly easy decision.
“The beers have already proved that they will capture the nation’s imagination so we can’t wait to unleash the full range.”
The McGargles small batch beers are brewed at the Rye River Brewery in County Kildare. According to Archibald, the Rye River Brewing Company was the first commercial brewery of scale to be built in Ireland in 100 years when it opened in 2014.