New look Scotch in triple jump

Whyte & MackayONCE, twice, three times a whisky – the words “triple matured” have been added to the label of Whyte & Mackay.
Whyte & Mackay used to be said to be “double matured” because, unusually, it goes through a period of maturation after its various malts are blended together and then a further period after they are blended with grain whisky.
Then someone realised that the original malts had been matured for quite a while too. So now the label has upped the ante to say “triple”.
Other changes in the brand’s first label redesign for nine years include switching the lions rampant to face right instead of left and adding gold etching to the label.
Feedback from consumers on the changes had been very positive and the new label is the first in a series of initiatives that the company will be unveiling this year, global marketing director Steven Pearson announced.
“The new changes take crucial elements of Whyte & Mackay and strengthens their presence in the design,” he said.
“We believe this gives the brand greater on-shelf stand out in the crowded blended whisky category due to its fresh and contemporary design.”
The marketing chief added that Whyte & Mackay had seen double digit sales growth over the last three years and the firm intends to continue the growth in 2015.