Sweets firm says slush pays out

Cold, colourful and bursting with profit? Specialist confectionery wholesaler Hancocks reckons margins of 81% can be made with servings from one of its slush drinks machines.

slush machine triple copy

Hancocks purchasing director Jonathan Summerley said: “Sold individually or as part of a package, the compact machines take up minimal space and are extremely easy to manage and operate.

“Slush syrup bottles provide 126 servings with a recommended retail price of £1.

“For retailers, the margin is huge at 81%.”

Hancocks quoted one retailer as saying that he was selling 100-150 cups a day and, as the store is struggling to keep up with demand after school some days, is considering adding a second machine.

Summerley said: “Clearly the purchase of a Slush machine is not a cheap investment for retailers.

“We can demonstrate that it soon pays off and leaves you with a fantastic and long-term, high-margin opportunity.”