Cigar brand aims to keep PMPs

DESPITE the introduction of the tobacco display ban, which means shoppers will no longer be able to see packs of cigarettes and cigars on the shelf before purchase, miniature cigar manufacturer Ritmeester has indicated it will continue with price-marked packs.

TecView miniat

“We changed our Royal Dutch Miniatures to a PMP format in January 2014. Since this change we have seen our orders into the convenience sector grow by 100%, making us the number-one value miniature in the UK,” said Andy Swain, the firm’s national sales manager.

“Cigars continues to be an category that can get ignored in stores, yet is does have very loyal customers. We have found with an unpriced format retailers will price alongside the brand regardless of RRP.

“By introducing our PMP we clearly display to consumers our price point. They buy because of the price, they stay with us because of the quality.”