Oatcakes grow healthy share

Walkers-Mini-OatcakeWALKERS Shortbread has relaunched its oatcakes range with new recipes and a packaging makeover.

A company spokesperson said: “With newly improved recipes the five-strong range will tap into the continued popularity and strong customer demand across the healthier biscuits category which currently accounts for 5% of the total biscuit market with oatcakes specifically having seen a 6% increase year on year.

“The packaging will see a host of bright colours creating a contemporary and modern look whilst a subtle tartan finish will be in keeping with the instantly recognisable Walkers Shortbread tartan livery and ensure visual synergy across the full range.”

The range is made up of Highland Oatcakes, Fine Oatcakes, Thick and Crunchy Oatcakes, Three Seed Oatcakes, Mini Oatcakes and Scottish Biscuits for Cheese.