Extending the brand appeal

Recently sour flavours have won new fans. Chewits puts a value of £135m on the chew market with sours accounting for £11.2m, an 8% share.


A company spokesperson said: “Sours are growing at 10% ahead of the chew category growth.”

On the other hand traditional flavours are still doing well.

“Consumers are still responsive to classic, fruity flavours and this should not be neglected. From our core stick-pack range, strawberry is still the best seller and is included in our four-stick multipacks along with blackcurrant and fruit salad flavours.

“Price-marked packs are critical in achieving positive price perceptions with 94% of consumers saying they would buy a PMP confectionery multipack if available.”

Robinsons Fruit Shoot has added Peach & Mango flavour to its range. Kids and family brand director Helen Gorman said: “Offering a new flavour from a range which has been loved by kids for over 10 years, we’re confident this will encourage further purchase by families whether they are at home, dining out or on-the-go.”