No and low to step up

COCA-COLA Great Britain has launched a new campaign to emphasise that its four varieties are all part of the same brand.

The move is part of the company’s drive to achieve more than 50% of Coke sales from lower-calorie and no-calorie versions by 2020.

Coca cola one brand lineup copy

It means all Coke advertising will feature the full range.

The branding on every can and bottle will be similar, with a different colour for each variant. And the lower and no-sugar and calorie versions will now be presented in the final frames of all television advertising.

General manager Jon Woods said: “With our new ‘one brand’ approach we are uniting four distinct brands under the umbrella of Coca-Cola. We believe our no and lower sugar variants will benefit from this closer association with Coca-Cola.

By focusing on building one brand and extending the appeal of the original Coca-Cola across our lower and no sugar variants we believe we can drive sustainable growth for our business in Great Britain in the years ahead.”