Promo to chew over

CONFECTIONERY wholesaler Hancocks has introduced a money-saving deal on its Kingsway brand of pick and mix sweets, running until 31 March.

Retailers who take part can buy 100 3kg bags and save £100. And if they buy 50 3kg bags they can save £40.

The deal excludes Haribo and Swizzels Matlow pick and mix and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Strawberry and apple are two of the five flavours in the new Fizz Chew range.

“Kingsway pick and mix rewards us with a great deal of customer loyalty and so it’s good to give our customers a profit boost when we are able to,” said Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director. “They can choose a variety of bags across the range, perhaps even trying some new ideas whilst the opportunity exists.

“With more than 50 years in the business and plenty of specific industry knowledge, Hancocks is well poised to help businesses maximise the potential of confectionery and pick and mix is just one area that we can really help them with.”

Hancocks’ promo comes at the same time as the launch of a new five-strong range called Fizz Chews for the brand.

Wholesaled in bulk 2kg bags, ready for pick and mix displays or re-packaging, the chewy sweets come in five flavours: lemon, strawberry, cola, blue raspberry and apple.

“Fizzy sweets are an important growth area for pick and mix and a key part of our product development programme,” said Summerley. “New sweets will always breathe life into the category and our Kingsway Fizz Chews are designed to do just that. With interest from all ages, we expect these new sweets to draw attention from both children and adults, so the target audience is very diverse.”