Licence training ‘time bomb’?

Fears licence holders will still leave refresher to last minute

PERSONAL licence holders are being warned that a “ticking time bomb” remains over refresher training.
Last year’s inaugural refresher training deadlines passed with many personal licence holders yet to undergo refresher training. As a result, thousands of licences were revoked.
Despite the well-publicised fallout, there are fears many more licence holders – including many c-store retailers – are putting themselves at risk by leaving their training to the last minute.
Robin Morton of Morton Licensing told Scottish Grocer’s sister publication SLTN: “This remains a ticking time bomb – all the more so now that the publicity has died down after the August and November madness – and there is no sign that operators have the situation under control.”
Frazer Grant, CEO of ABV Training, said: “Licence holders just need to keep an eye on the timings for their licences and communicate with their board if they have any specific questions.
“Some licensing boards are turning things around quicker and better with communication. Just keep an eye on your dates.”