xFrijj reduced sugar feb 15

DAIRY Crest has added reduced sugar milkshakes to its Frijj range.

Head of marketing dairy drinks Laura Sheard said: “Our new products have 40% less sugar without compromising the full-on taste Frijj is renowned for.

“We are continually looking for opportunities to bring new and innovative products to market in line with the evolving needs of consumers.”

• Milk drinks manufacturer Emmi recommends that convenience stores group items on the shelf by occasion rather than category to maximise sales in food to go.

A spokesperson said: “Placing lunchtime or breakfast snacks alongside drinks such as Emmi Caffe Latte and Emmi Choco Lait can make significant difference to sales.

“In 2013, just 1.3% of convenience shoppers who visited the dairy chiller bought flavoured milk. When flavoured milk was repositioned within soft drinks, this figure increased to 22%.”