Tetley tea goes medieval

Tetley’s, tea, breakfast
Gaffer and his friends join the court of a medieval castle for a cup of tea and a sing-song in a scene from Tetley’s latest TV ad campaign.

TETLEY has launched a £13m marketing programme designed to boost sales throughout the coming year for a  hot beverage range it says plays a  continuingly important role in the nation’s breakfasts.
The activity kicked off with a medieval-themed TV advert over the festive period.
The new ad sees Gaffer and the Tea Folk in a castle, completely oblivious to a dramatic battle raging around them, then bringing everyone together over a cup of Tetley with a musical number.
And the history and musical theme from the advert is reflected in a range of other marketing initiatives including in-store campaign materials and  other activity  – such as interactive sing-along versions of the ad on social media.