Looking to the future… part 2

Nisa, c-store
Stores that have converted to Nisa’s new format are said to reporting double digit growth in sales.

NISA has converted 50 of its stores to a new format with another 50 going through the conversion.
And it has reported that converted stores have experienced double digit sales growth.
For the Store of the Future 2 project, the chain identified five styles of outlet in its  portfolio.
The store types included: neighbourhood; high street; small store; forecourt; and supermarket.
It based its new formats on consumer research examining shopper needs by location and demographics.
Raj Krishan, format and development director at Nisa, said: “The concept goes back to
retailing fundamentals really – giving the customer what they want, where and when they want it.
“Our research established that the location of a store affects the mission that drives the shopper and therefore stores should not follow a one size fits all model.
“The key development areas we focussed on covered format, space and range, merchandising and display, in-store services, technology, community engagement and branding.
“The careful planning and research we put in at the start of this project has seen consistent double digit growth in all of the stores that have converted to date and this is driving retailers to make the change.
“In a challenging market, this kind of investment is necessary to ensure stores are fit for the future challenges and meet consumer demand.”
Nisa launched its original Store of the Future project in 2008. It featured a new white fascia and new layouts.
The latest phase of the project includes zoned areas such as fresh food, impulse, value and food to go.