KitKat breaks to tag along

KitKat, #mybreak
The new KitKat campaign uses a hashtag moulded into the bars’ chocolate to encourages consumers to celebrate their breaks online.

The latest KitKat marketing campaign is encouraging consumers to “celebrate the break”.
KitKat brand owner Nestlé says the campaign, launching this month, will include TV and digital advertising at a cost of £10m, which is more than double the brand’s spend in 2014.
The TV ad will feature on ITV and Channel 4, as well as digital channels such as ITV Player, Channel 4 On Demand and YouTube.
The firm will also use Twitter and YouTube to promote the campaign.
The campaign hashtag #mybreak will be moulded into the chocolate of KitKat bars.
The campaign puts the focus on the individual’s own special break moment. That could be anything from having a cup of tea, to checking Facebook, or simply doing nothing.
On the back of the promotional activity, the brand will also be introducing a new flavour. KitKat Toffee Treat is available as a limited-edition four-finger pack as well as a permanent two-finger eight pack.
The four-finger bars feature wafer fingers covered in a blend of toffee flavour white and milk chocolate. The
two-finger version has wafers covered in a blend of toffee flavour white and dark chocolate with a milk chocolate base.
The four-finger bar has a recommended retail price of 58p and the RRP for the eight-pack is £1.59.