Tobacco giant warns of JPS voucher scam

Tobacco manufacturer Imperial Tobacco is warning retailers of a JPS voucher scam, currently running in parts of the UK.

Blue circular vouchers, which have no connection to Imperial Tobacco, claim to offer consumers £3 off the purchase of products in the JPS range. A number of retailers across the UK have been approached by shoppers trying to use the vouchers as a form of payment, the firm says.

Martin Goodall, head of sales at Imperial Tobacco said: “The JPS vouchers currently in circulation are in no way affiliated to Imperial Tobacco or the JPS range. Retailers who are presented with these vouchers as a form of payment should not accept them and inform either the Action Fraud hotline or their Imperial Tobacco representative immediately.”

To report fraudulent activity in your area call the Action Fraud hotline on 0300 123 2040 or visit for more information.