Clean country in the bag

Abdul Majid, left, with Derek Robertson, right, and the pledge.

THE Scottish Grocers Federation is encouraging retailers to use the proceeds from carrier bag charges to help tackle litter, after president Abdul Majid signed the Clean Up Scotland pledge.

The retail body has thrown its support behind Keep Scotland Beautiful, Scotland’s national environmental charity, which is committed to reducing litter across the country.
The new partnership was cemented by Majid, who took the Clean Up Scotland pledge with Keep Scotland Beautiful chief executive Derek Robertson a week before the introduction of the 5p mandatory charge for single-use carrier bags on 20 October.
Retailers must donate the cash to good causes and many have already made arrangements.
However, for anyone yet to make up their mind, the SGF suggests they consider Keep Scotland Beautiful, which can channel the money into community clean-up activities.
“As responsible community retailers we are committed to improving the quality of the local environment,” said Majid.
“We are delighted to be working in partnership with KSB. By joining forces we can give our members even more opportunities to become involved in local campaigns for the benefit of the community.”