Keeping craft simple

Tushkar Oatmeal Stout, from Shetland’s Lerwick Brewery.

FOR John Mercer, marketing manager of Shetland’s Lerwick Brewery, the craft beer revolution has certainly arrived.

“At Lerwick Brewery, we’re seeing demand for our three products increasing month on month,” he said.
For a general grocer who doesn’t particularly specialise in beer but simply wants to provide the goods his customers will be looking for, the sheer pace of change and variety of range can be quite bewildering.
“And a lot of the background information on craft beer bottle labels can read as if it’s been written for enthusiasts by enthusiasts,” he said.
“At Lerwick Brewery, we have made a conscious decision to keep things simple. We produce a lager, 60° North, a pale ale Skipper’s Ticket, and a stout, Tushkar. The style of beer is unambiguously stated on the front label and the notes on the back are free of jargon. “We believe that not everyone has the time or inclination to become a connoisseur of beer. Some people just want to enjoy it.”