Singularly moving up

Single serves – the growth sector in juice and juice drinks says Refresco Gerber.

CHILLED single-serve is the fastest-growing sub-category in juice and juice drinks. That’s the word from Refresco Gerber, which says the singles are up 5.6% by volume year on year.

“Sales through independents of Sunny D Florida chilled 500ml are up 36.8% year on year, outstripping single-serve juice and juice drink sales growth of 5% in the total grocery market,” said a company spokesperson.
“Ambient single-serve is also performing well with a 4.9% increase in volume over the last year.”
The company says sales of price-marked, single-serve Just Juice is outperforming the ambient single-serve market.

Chilled coffee is growing says Emmi.

• Chilled coffee is experiencing strong growth, according to specialist producer Emmi. It’s said to be the fastest-growing flavour in milk drinks, worth £12.1m and up 46% on last year.
It has, Emmi says, more mature customers, in their 20s and 30s, than other milk drinks.