Oldies ahead but crazies doing well

Millions, set to be third-biggest selling sweet in summer and a year-round favourite says Bonds Confectionery.

AFTER analysing sales predictions and reviewing trends from previous summers, sweets firm Bonds Confectionery has predicted that a mix of old favourites and what it calls “crazy new innovations” will end up as the top 10 best-selling sweets in summer 2014.

Skittles tops the Bonds predicted summer best sellers list with Rowntree’s Fruit Pastels and Millions coming in second and third. Bonds reckons that shows old favourites still do it for UK consumers.
But the Bonds study also suggests that young sweets fans lean towards more innovative lines.
The top 10 sweets for summer 2014 according to the Bonds Confectionery crystal ball will be: 1 Skittles; 2 Rowntree’s Fruit Pastels; 3 Millions; 4 Retro Mix Bag; 5 Bonds Confectionery Fruit Jellies; 6 Tung Toos; 7 Toxic Waste; 8 Brain Licker; 9 Bonds Confectionery Lemon Sherbet; and 10 Bonds Confectionery Spray Candy.
Tiny, chewy Scottish Millions sweets prove “the one consistent bestseller on a weekly basis for Bonds Confectionery,” the firm said.