New ways to accessorise

Zig-Zag Unbleached and Ultra Slim Swan filters, NPD from Republic Technologies.

THE roll-your-own tobacco accessories market is continuing to perform well, despite changing market conditions driven by legislative changes and the emergence of new sectors, says specialist RYO accessories firm Republic Technologies (UK).

“The growth of RYO accessories, well ahead of the total market, highlights the opportunity for retailers to use them to signpost the tobacco category,” said Eleni Koulara, marketing manager at Republic Technologies (UK).
“With the display ban looming, we’re encouraging retailers to use off-fixture displays such as counter-top units to keep RYO accessories’ products top of consumers’ minds.
“Republic Technologies is providing off-fixture displays such as counter-top units to ensure that they have high levels of visibility.”
The firm’s recent new product developments include Ultra Slim Swan filters.
“Many people opt for roll-your-own because it enables them to make thinner cigarettes, which mean they smoke less. Size of filter has risen up the RYO smokers’ agenda, particularly among people looking to reduce the amount they smoke for reasons of finance or health,” said Koulara.
“People are also looking for RYO products that are more natural and have less environmental impact,” she said.
So the firm introduced Zig-Zag unbleached papers, which it describes as “ultra-thin and very light, providing a smoother, more natural experience.”
It says the brown porous papers are among the thinnest, lightest, most transparent papers currently available in the UK.