Millions to play for

Coca-Cola’s 1.75l PET range, a big-night-in favourite says CCE

THE big night in has been very important to c-store retailers in recent years. If the economy improves will consumers stick with their big-night-in habits?
Soft drinks firm Coca-Cola Enterprises says it expects so.

“Consuming soft drinks as part of social occasions with friends and families at home is likely to remain popular as we head into autumn and winter, when big TV events such as popular Saturday night talent show formats or televised football matches hit our screens,” said Dave Turner, trade communications manager at Coca-Cola Enterprises.
“This view is reinforced by CCE’s See The Opportunity Report, which identifies that the consumption of soft drinks whilst relaxing at home is potentially worth £76m, with a £52m gap in the market for soft drinks during social occasions also highlighted.
“The big night in remains a significant opportunity for retailers and one they should capitalise on to help grow their soft drinks sales.”
He recommends stocking a wide variety of lines that suit big-night-in shoppers, including the Coca-Cola range in 1.75L PET bottles and in 4 x 330ml multipacks.
“Mixers are playing an increasingly important role in the adult soft drinks sector, with statistics showing that half of all mixers are now consumed without alcohol,`’ he said.
As part of a ‘big night in’ some consumers are looking for special drinks that differs from what they would have day to day. The firm responded to the increased consumer interest in mixers by refreshing the packaging of its Schweppes range earlier this year.
“Schweppes is the number-one mixer brand and retailers should consider stocking brands that consumers look to for quality, to help grow their sales in this sector,” Turner said.
And he reckons the firm’s premium juice Appletiser also addresses big-night-in needs.
“Many consumers are looking for a premium adult soft drink product that won’t look out of place next to a bottle of wine on the dining table. Retailers can help to maximise their sales by stocking formats with premium packaging, like Appletiser, to meet consumer demand,” he said.