Loyalty gets mums’ vote

Women reckon points mean prizes but banking is more of a mystery

The use of loyalty cards is one cost-cutting area where dads are outmatched by mums, according to research for Standard Life.

MUMS are more likely to be savvy with in-store perks than the dads, according to online research.

The survey, carried out by YouGov for Standard Life, shows 60% of mums think they are actively making the most of store loyalty cards, compared to 39% of dads.
And 52% of mums say they seek out the best deals online through price comparison and voucher code sites.
However, the survey shows just over half of mums with savings admit they have no idea what interest rate they are getting – while many more dads (60%) are aware.
“It makes sense for mums to be using up their loyalty points to keep costs down,” said Julie Hutchison,
personal finance expert at Standard Life.
“But while Mums are clearly being smarter than Dads with their spending, there is still plenty of room to be smarter with saving.”