Auto system for the dark days


INTERESTED in an automated way of handling tobacco when the display ban comes into effect?

Many Irish Republic outlets use automated systems that act as behind-the-counter, display-ban-compliant vending machines.
Now Cherwell Group is offering a similar solution for stores in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.
The firm says its system, in which the till operator triggers the machine which then delivers the appropriate item, will not only meet the requirements of next April’s introduction of the display ban but will also readily accommodate new rules on pack sizes that occur as a result of the European Union Tobacco Products Directive in the next couple of years. And it will also make product selection and delivery easy if plain packaging is introduced, it says,
It argues that its automated tobacco gantry, which can be purchased, leased or rented, also provides retailers with other benefits. It says the system reduces shrinkage to zero, provides secure space for tobacco stock, increases speed of service, and frees up space for other products like wines and spirits. It reckons it also provides POS marketing space for electronic cigarettes or other items.
It’s operated by a wireless keypad or through existing EPOS tills.
Rental rates start at £18 a week and Cherwell Group argues that improvements in service and shrinkage control can make the units effectively self-financing.