The sheets that wash the sheets

AFTER tablets, pods, powder and liquid there is a new delivery mechanism for laundry detergent: the sheet

FabriteRichard Shonn, managing director at 151 Products, reckons laundry sheets are a bonus for c-store owners and for consumers in a hurry.
“Laundry product purchasing from an independent retailer is often out of necessity, as consumers usually buy these items during their weekly supermarket shop,” he said.
“To compete with larger retailers, it is advised to stock a core range of laundry items in smaller pack sizes.”
He suggests 151 Products’ Fabrite laundry sheets, as an ideal multi-purpose product.
“The non-bio super concentrated formula washing powder sheets are suitable for use in either a hot or cold wash, making them kinder to the environment and ideal for meeting the current demand for washing machine products that can perform at lower temperatures,” he said.
“Price-marked packs will continue to be a popular sell during 2014,” he added.