Oats champ in snack attack

Nairn’s bars with fruit and seeds aim to capture health-conscious nibblers

74a_0814_rOATCAKE brand Nairn’s is expanding its range to take advantage of what it sees as growing demand for healthy, guilt-free snacks.
Lucy White, head of marketing, said: “The Nairn’s range has matched this trend, developing handy high-quality products that provide delicious snacks. Nairn’s products are packed full of soluble fibre, which is essential for a healthy digestive system and helps to keep you fuller for longer.”
The most recent addition to the Nairn’s snacking range is Muesli Breaks. Aimed by Nairn’s specifically at snackers, the firm has developed the oatcakes to be “the perfect healthy on-the-go snack”.
White said: “With 41% less sugar than an average cereal bar and free from wheat and dairy, the Muesli Breaks combine wholegrain Scottish oats, currants, sunflowers seeds and pumpkin seeds for a healthy alternative for the snacking category.”
The Nairn’s range also incorporates a gluten-free selection, using gluten-free oats and bearing the Coeliac UK crossed grain symbol.
Nairn’s is working to upgrade its service to retailers. Recent developments include the introduction of shrink-wrapped cases for its Rough Oatcakes, to limit damage during transportation, and the provision of smaller cases for independent stores.
The company also promises “two more exciting snacking products” in the last quarter of 2014.