Coke adds more names for 2014


MORE than four out of five consumers should now be able to find their name on a Coke bottle, according to brand owner CCE.

The company has revived last year’s Share a Coke campaign, and added 750 more names to the different packs. Selected nicknames are also included on 500ml and 375ml bottles, as well as 330ml cans. They include Mum, Dad, Mate and Bestie.
Names will also feature on the 500ml £1 PMP, said to be the best-selling 500ml range in symbols and independents according to Nielsen research.
A TV ad, featuring a dog called Bobby looking for his personalised Coke, begins on 17 July.
To help maximise sales there will be transparent dump bins to make it easier for shoppers to locate the specific personalised bottles they want.
Last year’s campaign, with just 250 names, saw a sales increase of 10% on immediate-consumption packs across the Coca-Cola portfolio according to Nielsen figures.