Rolling up the extra sales


THE roll-your-own RYO filter tips and papers market is showing strong growth as increasing numbers of smokers opt for the value, choice and flavour options that RYO products provide, says RYO accessories provider Republic Technologies.

The firm argues that a series of new products it has developed, including its Swan filter tips and Zig-Zag rolling papers ranges, have made a significant contribution to that overall RYO growth.
“The tobacco market as a whole is adapting to major changes such as the display ban and the rise of e-cigarettes, but the good news for accessories’ stockists is that RYO smokers are remaining loyal, continuing to drive both volume and value growth,” said Eleni Koulara, marketing manager of Republic Technologies (UK).
Quoting Nielsen figures for the year to October last year the firm said sales of filter tips in the total impulse channel had grown 11.5% to reach £40.7m.
That overall growth had been led by sales of its own brand Swan, which the same Nielsen figures had shown as up 12.7% year on year.
The rolling papers market in the impulse channel was also outperforming other sectors of the market, up 4.2% and valued at £87.8m, Republic Technologies said.

New vertical Zig-Zag king size rolling papers’ cases, said to save 50% shelf space.

It says it’s continuing to innovate as shown by its the recent launch of its Swan branded ‘Ultra Slim Filter’.
The new filter is the thinnest Swan filter ever, and that, claims the company, provides RYO smokers with a smoother taste and an enhanced tobacco flavour.
“One of the reasons people choose RYO is that it enables them to make thinner cigarettes which in turn means they smoke less. Size of filter is becoming more important in the RYO sector, particularly among people looking to reduce smoking for health or cost reasons,” said Koulara.
“The Swan Ultra Slim filter is the product that best addresses those specific consumer needs.”
The Swan Ultra Slim pack contains 126 filter tips and has an RRP of 95p.
Republic Technologies (UK) has also launched new vertical Zig-Zag king size rolling papers’ cases, which, it says, enable retailers to save 50% shelf space compared to the previous horizontal packs.
“This is a simple, but significant, change as we know retailers want to maximise shelf space and offer the products their customers are looking for,” said Koulara.
Products available in the new vertical packs include: Blue King Size rolling papers (RRP 65p, outers of 50); Silver King Size rolling papers (RRP 75p, outers of 50); Blue King Size three-pack rolling papers (RRP £1.49p, outers of 12) and Silver King Size three-pack rolling papers (RRP £1.79p, outers of 12).