KitKat gets the cone treatment

KitKatKITKAT, said to be the UK’s biggest selling confectionery line according to IRI, is getting the cone treatment.
Ahead of hoped-for warm summer weather, manufacturer R&R Ice Cream aims to cash in on awareness of KitKat and increasing sales of cones (worth £74.8m after growing 3.9% last year according to Nielsen figures quoted by R&R). The RRP is £3.09 for four 125ml cones.
Another R&R licensed product, Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream, has a new £2m summer ad campaign poking fun at the British weather.
The Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream stick has also been revamped, with 25% more chocolate and new-look packaging.
Paul Feery, interim head of brand marketing at R&R Ice Cream, said: “The new Cadbury licence offers an exciting opportunity for R&R and our customers alike.”

• Wall’s Ice Cream also has a new advertising campaign, covering its ice lolly portfolio of Cornetto, Twister, Solero, Calippo and Funny Feet. As well as digital and online ads, there will be 60 different posters across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
The theme is “Goodbye to Serious”; the ads aim to link the pleasure of an ice cream with small moments of levity. The campaign runs until September.