Breakfast – just add water

MORNFLAKE hopes to shake up the breakfast-on-the-go category with an ambient product that turns into cereal complete with milk, just by adding water.

27a_0514Launched recently, Superfast Pots come in a bowl-shaped container, with an integrated spoon. Flavours are Granola, Oatbran Flakes, Fruit & Fibre and Muesli.
The company claims that they are a category first, “offering the ultra convenience of a delicious, fresh-tasting breakfast cereal, at the turn of a tap”. RRP is £1.29.
Marketing manager, Richard Jones, quoted findings from a Canadean Custom Solutions survey and said: “Some 26% of the population are still skipping breakfast due to lack of time. There is a massive opportunity to increase consumption with quicker and easier-to-prepare ambient formats, that deliver on taste.”