The rise of convenience fresh foods

FRESH produce isn’t the easiest category to manage. It is possible to make decent margin on fruit and vegetables but that can be eaten away very quickly if a store operator doesn’t have close control of waste.


However, the consumption of fresh produce is consistently encouraged by government organisations, agencies and campaigns and much research in recent years has suggested that many consumers do want to increase their intake of fruit and vegetables.
And beyond the simple commercial concerns, a retailer who provides his or her area with a good fresh produce selection makes a positive contribution to the local community
For the Scottish convenience retailer who is ready to add a fresh produce section, or plans to augment an existing fresh fruit and veg offer, there’s a clear first port of call – the Scottish Grocers’ Federation Healthy Living Programme.
Now run in association with the Scottish Government, the programme has several years of successfully achieving its goals under its belt and most recently it has added healthy and “better for you” products in many food groups beyond fruit and vegetables to the list of foods that can be promoted with the extensive range of SGF Healthy Living Programme marketing materials.
Fresh produce and healthy food is likely to become increasingly important in coming years if you aren’t already “with the programme” you can find out more at