Out with the old…

The Milk Chocolate with Fried Eggs tablet bar from Hancocks’ Sweet Shop Chocs range.

CONFECTIONERY manufacturer Mondelez International and specialist wholesaler Hancocks are each mixing the traditional confectionery market up … by launching products that combine chocolate with savoury snacks and sugar sweets.

Both companies predict that some of the biggest sellers this year will be tablet bars, and they’ve come up with new lines to entice consumers to try something different.
Mondelez says Nielsen research shows that the UK confectionery market is worth over £4.7bn and continues to grow. Chocolate confectionery is the largest category, worth over £3.6bn and is driving growth thanks in part to the development of new products. Tablet bars, it says, have seen growth of 16.8% in sales value.
The company has added two products to the Cadbury Dairy Milk range. Cadbury Dairy Milk LU and Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz combine Cadbury chocolate with LU sweet biscuits or Ritz savoury crackers in a single, countline-sized tablet bar.
Specialist confectionery wholesaler Hancocks reckons stocking new styles of chocolate bar will be a good way for retailers to drive sales in 2014.
The company, which has cash and carry outlets in Dundee and Glasgow, and south of the border, predicts that, while brands are hugely important to the chocolate confectionery category, value lines and own-label products will see growth this year.
Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director, said: “The chocolate confectionery market has been dominated by a few big brands for some time and whilst this continues to be the case, the tougher economy has helped to open up the door for own-label chocolate and also lesser known brands.
“Confectionery is big business in Scotland and our retailers can really do well by addressing new trends as they emerge.
“Single bars struggle for sales in some areas as shoppers opt for a better value block. The result has been a growth in the variety and number of blocks and bags available.”
Hancocks says the success of its 160g Milk Chocolate Bubble Bar has led to it developing new Mint Chocolate and Orange Chocolate flavours. A White Chocolate Bubble Bar was already on shelves.
All four are price-marked at £1 each.
Hancocks also introduced a range of Sweet Shop Chocs. Inspired by Pick n Mix, the tablet bars combine chocolate and sugar confectionery.
The range includes White Chocolate with Cola Bottles, Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Hearts and Milk Chocolate with Fried Eggs. The boxed bars are 100g and have an RRP of £1.49.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Cadbury Dairy Milk with Ritz.