Crisps win the snack race

Mark Thomson, business unit director with Kantar Worldpanel talks crisps and snacks with SG

WHEN it comes to snacking, Scots can’t get enough of their crisps.

They are the biggest selling at-home munch across GB and are even more popular north of the border. Kantar Worldpanel’s Mark Thomson told SG the take-home crisps and snacks category is worth £2.4bn across GB, with Scotland accounting for £240m. The GB market is growing at 5.8% a year, with Scotland performing slightly behind at 3.5%.
Crisps account for 39% of overall spend across GB, but for 43% in Scotland. More Scots buy crisps to eat at home than in the rest of the country (94% of the population compared to 91%), and they spend more on their crunchy home treats (£43.05 a year on average compared to £39.19 across GB). Brands are more important north of the border too, with Scots spending £3 more a year on them than the average GB consumer.
On nuts, Scots shoppers spend £15.06 a year compared to the GB average of £19.07.
When the different age groups of families with children are added together they account for around 40% of spending on crisps and nuts.
But looking at each of Kantar’s defined divisions of household it’s empty nesters (those whose families have grown up and left home) who account for the biggest portion of spending on both crisps and nuts, Retired folks account for a large part of spending in the categories too.
Young couples also make up a substantial part of the crisps and nuts market, possibly reflecting the trend for packed lunches, entertaining at home and big nights in.

Share of take-home spend on crisps and nuts in Scotland taken by different family types. Source KantarWorldpanel 52 weeks to 5 January 2014.