Soft drinks go loco for coconut

Volvic TouchBottled water brand Volvic has updated its range, introducing several new flavours.
Volvic Touch of Fruit will now feature a limited-edition, Brazil-inspired Coco-Pineapple flavour available in 50cl and 1.5-litre bottles. A new core flavour, Volvic Touch of Cherry, will also be available in those sizes. Touch of Fruit, including a Summer Fruits flavour, will come in a 6 x 50cl multipack.
Volvic Juiced will see a special-edition Perfectly Peachy flavour and core strawberry flavour added in the two sizes.
Following a trial run in 2013, a sparkling version of Volvic natural mineral water will be introduced to the grocery sector.
The new flavours will all be available before the end of this month.
A marketing campaign supporting the launch will be on screens and digital media later in the year.