Ranging the wash

Listerine Cool Mint from Johnson and Johnson, especially suitable for c-stores says SHS.

THE mouthwash category is broken down into three key sub-categories – basic, premium and super-premium, says SHS Sales & Marketing, which handles the Listerine brand from Johnson and Johnson.

Basic products, it says, kill germs and freshen breath and are available in a range of flavours. Those are the products most commonly bought by shoppers purchasing mouthwash in convenience outlets and it’s the sub-category independent retailers should most focus on, argues SHS. Listerine offers Freshburst and Coolmint in the basics sub-category.
SHS suggests retailers with large c-stores should stock the 500ml SKU while those with smaller oral care fixtures should carry the 250ml pack size.
Beyond the basics range, SHS reckons, retailers can add value to their range by offering more premium products that address specific oral health concerns – such as strengthening enamel or fighting tartar. Listerine has a range of products designed to meet particular demands including Listerine Stay White and Listerine Zero, an alcohol-free product.
In what SHS views as the super-premium sub-category, it says total oral health is addressed by products such as Listerine Total Care, which is designed to deal with the full range of dental-related concerns.