Doing the continental

Jus Rol

CONSUMERS’ weekend treats could include a morning visit to the coffee shop. But in tough times it could be useful to stay home for a treat. Pastry brand Jus Rol has added two products to its Bake-It Fresh range, which already includes ready-to-bake croissants and pain au chocolat.

The Apple Danish Pastries and Cinnamon Swirls are designed, like the other products, to be finished at home. And the good news for retailers, the firm reckons, is that the pastry products offer a double whammy in terms of merchandising, being suitable for display on breakfast goods and home-baking fixtures.
The company aims to build a trend for café style breakfasts at home, as more consumers choose to stay in rather than pay for a meal out.
Ed Culf, marketing director at General Mills UK, said: “The Bake-It-Fresh range was introduced in 2011. We are in no doubt that the new Apple Danish Pastry and Cinnamon Swirl offerings will have consumers baking even more at breakfast time and have retailers’ tills ringing!”