Preserve a Scottish jam tradition

108b_0913A piece and jam may no longer be flung out the ‘windae of a 20-storey flat’, as an early version of food to go for the hungry weans below. But jam and marmalade have a new role on contemporary breakfast tables.
Independent jam producer R&W Scott has revamped the packaging of its Scottish Favourites range at a time when it’s keen to emphasise provenance and quality. The range includes Fine Cut Marmalade with Seville oranges, Fine Cut Marmalade with no added sugar, Strawberry Preserve with Scottish fruit and Strawberry Preserve with no added sugar.
There’s also a new super premium range – Strawberry, Raspberry and Marmalade – made with 100% fruit.
Managing director John Easton said: “Our jams have been enjoyed by consumers for generations. As one of Scotland’s legacy brands, it’s important that our products remain relevant to today’s consumer.”