Sheets to wash the sheets


AFTER powders, liquids tablets and capsules, the latest innovation in clothes washing is sheets.

151 Products has developed Fabrite, a non-bio super- concentrated washing powder sheet, suitable for use in a hot or cold wash.
From a consumer’s point of view, the sheets are quick and easy to use, with no measurements required, the firm says. One sheet equals one load of laundry.
For the retailer, Fabrite’s compact packaging can be stacked and stocked neatly, commanding very little shelf space, 151 adds.
The product is claimed to use 80% less packaging than traditional liquids and 151 argues that could be a major selling-point, as consumers seek more ecological options.
The Fabrite range comes in two pack sizes – and includes a 20% extra free launch offer.
The RRP for 12 sheets is £1; 24 sheets cost £1.99. There are also two fragrance options: Fresh Linen and Lavender.