Galaxy boldy goes to a new look – revival of its classic strap-line

GALAXY has a new look to accompany the revival of its classic strap-line: “why have cotton when you can have silk?”
On August 11 the new packaging and graphics will be rolled out across the full range of block, bitesize and bar products. With bolder colours and sinuous lines, the design is intended to emulate flowing melted chocolate and build on the brand’s theme of indulgence.
Galaxy’s blocks have also been redesigned, to improve the look of the chocolate and what the company calls “the melt-in-the-mouth experience”.
The changes will be supported by a £10.7m media campaign, which will continue to feature Audrey Hepburn.
Next month, two new varieties will join the permanent range. Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp will be available in 40g & 114g bars, and Galaxy Nut Crunch will come in 114g only.


The flavours reflect an increased consumer appetite for honeycomb and the popularity of hazelnuts and almonds combined with milk chocolate, says the firm.