Muffins go on a roll

GOOD things come in small packages, apparently.

Mintel research on the UK cake market shows volume sales of small cakes grew by 19% between 2011 and 2012, and market value reached £492m.
Volume sales of small cakes (139 million kilograms in 2012) have now overtaken large cakes (116 million kilograms in 2012)While the small treats increased in number the volume of large cakes shrank by 3% over the same two-year period. Large cake sales value in 2012 was £390m.
Over the past two years, sweet muffins have shown the highest volume growth rate in the cake and cake bar sector.
They recorded a 55% volume increase, up from 22 million kilograms in 2011 to 34 million kilograms in 2012.