Expecting a news arrival

HELLO! magazine is gearing up for the arrival of the royal baby, due on July 13. The publisher expects to shift 150% more copies straight away, with more to follow.

“The uplift in sales will not end with the first issue on sale after the birth,” said Hello!’s Roger Williams. “We expect to see a continued and sustained growth in sales over the years as we follow the new heir to the throne from christening onwards.”
The publishers have based their plans on figures from the royal wedding and diamond jubilee issues. They will monitor sales and make sure that there are plenty of additional copies available for any retailer who needs them.
Until the baby is born, Hello! is, says Williams, playing “a waiting game”.
“Unlike previous royal events last year and in 2011, we have no pre-set day and time. The key thing for retailers to remember is that visibility and availability are the key elements to maximising the sales and profits potential of this issue. The more full facings and counter displays that we can get, the more copies we will sell. The royal wedding and diamond jubilee proved that.
“The key element will be making sure we get to market as soon as we can after the event.”