Chupa Chups bubbles up some new magic

New colour changing bubble gum hits shelves

Pack shots of Chupa Chups Big Babol Magic Cubes bubblegum.
Chupa Chups is set to inject some magic in the confectionery aisle with its new Big Babol Magic Cubes Bubblegum, featuring colour-changing cubes.

CONFECTIONERY wizards Chupa Chups is set to inject some more magic into the bubble-gum category with its new Chupa Chups Big Babol Magic Cubes Bubble-gum.

Featuring a soft and chewy cube shaped bubble gum, the new Magic Cubes feature an innovative and exciting take on the category through its colour-changing bubble-gum. Each comes in a 86g box tub with an RRP of £1.75 per pack.

With three different coloured combination to find in each pack, the bubble-gum boasts tutti-fruity flavoured cubes that transform as consumers chew adding in an element of surprise and fun.

Available from June across the convenience channel, the new launch will also be supported by an organic social media campaign to help drive awareness with consumers, particularly with the teen shopper demographic which Perfetti Van Melle – the firm behind Chupa Chups – is keen to capture the attention of.

This new launch also comes at a strong time for Big Babol as Cicana research has shown the brand is currently outperforming in the total market, with an increase of 23% on total sales, while the overall market sits at just 10%.

Kim McMahon, brand manager at Chupa Chups, said: “As a brand wholeheartedly committed to ‘Forever Fun’, Chupa Chups continuously seeks to innovate and bring joy to consumers all ages – and our latest addition of Magic Cubes is no exception!

“Magic Cubes exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of fun and creativity in the confectionery industry, and we are confident that this NPD will work its magic on confectionery aisles nation-wide!

“With super playful packaging, adorned with bold graphics and vibrant colours, we know Magic Cubes will make a great addition to any shelf, and aid impulse purchase as consumer curiosity piques.”